In the dynamic world of e-commerce and logistics, businesses are continually seeking efficient ways to manage their shipments. One key aspect that has garnered attention is leveraging Section 321, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation.

Section 321 Fulfillment

Understanding Section 321

Section 321 allows the duty-free entry of shipments valued at $800 or less into the United States. This exemption offers a significant advantage for businesses dealing with international shipping, particularly in e-commerce.


  1. Reduced Costs: The most prominent advantage of utilizing Section 321 is the potential for cost savings. Shipments under this exemption are free from duties and taxes, allowing businesses to reduce their overall shipping costs.
  2. Streamlined Customs Process: Section 321 shipments often enjoy a more streamlined customs clearance process. This faster clearance can translate into quicker delivery times to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction.
  3. Opportunity for Smaller Businesses: This exemption levels the playing field for smaller businesses. It allows them to compete more effectively with larger companies by reducing entry costs into the U.S. market.


  1. Potential for Split Shipments: To comply with the $800 threshold, larger shipments may need to be split. This can lead to logistical complexities and potential delays in order processing and delivery.
  2. Slightly Slower Turnaround Times: While the customs process might be faster, the division of shipments might result in slightly slower turnaround times as each package is handled individually.
  3. Logistical Challenges: Managing multiple smaller shipments requires meticulous planning and coordination. This can be particularly challenging for businesses without an existing logistics infrastructure.

Conclusion: A Worthwhile Strategy

Ultimately, the adoption of a Section 321 focused fulfillment strategy can be a game-changer for companies looking to optimize their shipping and logistics while minimizing costs. For e-commerce businesses and others, our expertise can translate into significant cost savings. By carefully planning shipments to remain under the $800 limit, businesses can sidestep the usual duties and taxes that come with importing goods into the U.S. At Borderworx, our skilled team provides bespoke consultation and logistics planning to cater to the specific requirements of each business. We offer this service from our location in Canada, making it a smooth, duty-free process for Canadian businesses.

If your current fulfillment provider doesn’t provide 321 fulfillment, or if you are looking for a fulfillment provider please contact us! We can answer any question you may have and provide more information on our services and pricing.

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