Our Mission

Go Further, Reach Higher, Be Better; Change. the world!

To further your business by providing world class services, To better each other and most importantly to change the world and make it a better place for us all.


Our Passion

To share God’s love and our resources to support a lost and forgotten group of people in northern Thailand.  Known as the Karen people, we help where we can;

  • 350 Orphan children in Thailand 

  • 600 Displaced people, living in a trash dump in Mae Sot Thailand

  • Refugees from genocide in Myanmar (Burma), living on the border of Thailand

Professional Services

24 Hours Support

  • North America Transportation
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Canadian / US Brokerage
  • Trading Consultant
  • Staffing and Online Support

Export love around the world!

As part of our passion, we have made a positive impact in the world and would continue in this manner.

Here are some impactful projects we have embarked on to export love around the world.

  • Over 10 orphan homes for lost and displaced children
  • 4 schools to teach refugee children that had no hope
  • Building sustainable businesses to help them to be self-sufficient
  • Taking our skills and compassion and showing the world that it is MUCH more than the money
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