About us

Our Mission

Go Further, Reach Higher, Be Better; Change. the world!

To further your business by providing world class services, To better each other and most importantly to change the world and make it a better place for us all.



Our Passion

To share God’s love and our resources to support a lost and forgotten group of people in northern Thailand.  Known as the Karen people, we help where we can;

  • 350 Orphan children in Thailand 

  • 600 Displaced people, living in a trash dump in Mae Sot Thailand

  • Refugees from genocide in Myanmar (Burma), living on the border of Thailand

Professional Services

24 Hours Support

  • North America Transportation
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Canadian / US Brokerage
  • Trading Consultant
  • Staffing and Online Support

Our company core values

Founded in 2003, Dean Wood applied his extensive industry experience working in some of Canada’s largest transportation and customs corporations to start BorderWorx.

Today, BorderWorx has managed more than $3.5 billion in goods across the border and more than 250,000 customs clearances. BorderWorx has an impressive history of helping companies grow their market share through seamless logistics solutions.

Dean Wood
Chief Executive Officer

Management Team

Meet our dedicated team

More than 30 years experience in cross border transportation and logistics

Dean Wood

Over 40 years in business development & account management

Chris van der Hoff

Sales Manager
Information about Joel Noel would be updated

Joel Noel

Vice President, Corporate
More than 15 years experience in IT Management

John McMullin

Vice President, Finance

Export love around the world!

As part of our passion, we have made a positive impact in the world and would continue in this manner.

Here are some impactful projects we have embarked on to export love around the world.

  • Over 10 orphan homes for lost and displaced children
  • 4 schools to teach refugee children that had no hope
  • Building sustainable businesses to help them to be self-sufficient
  • Taking our skills and compassion and showing the world that it is MUCH more than the money
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