Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) Services

In the competitive world of Amazon selling, maximizing profit margins while ensuring customer satisfaction can be challenging, especially when using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). High fees and a lack of control over the inventory and fulfillment process often leave sellers searching for alternative solutions. Enter Borderworx FBM services—an innovative fulfillment option designed to offer Amazon sellers higher profit margins without sacrificing the quality of service.

Why Choose Borderworx for FBM?

Borderworx FBM stands out as a prime choice for Amazon sellers due to its commitment to providing competitive pricing on storage, picking, and packing services. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach of FBA, Borderworx offers personalized fulfillment solutions tailored to each seller’s unique needs, ensuring a more flexible fulfillment process.

Streamlined Inventory Management: With Borderworx, sellers gain access to an intuitive inventory management system, enabling efficient tracking of stock levels. This system ensures that sellers can keep their operations running smoothly, avoiding stockouts or overstocking issues.

Our Services

Storage: Borderworx provides secure and scalable storage solutions that can accommodate products of various sizes and quantities. Whether you’re selling small gadgets or large appliances, Borderworx has the capacity to store your inventory safely.

Picking and Packing: Our meticulous picking and packing process guarantees that every order is handled with care and precision, ensuring that customers receive their purchases in perfect condition. Sellers can also customize their packaging options, adding a personal touch to the unboxing experience.

Shipping and Logistics: Leveraging partnerships with leading carriers, Borderworx offers fast and reliable shipping at reduced rates. This ensures that your products reach your customers promptly, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Returns: For sellers who opt-in, Borderworx provides a comprehensive service handling returns and exchanges on behalf of the seller.

How It Works

Getting started with Borderworx FBM is simple. Sellers simply send their inventory to Borderworx, and we take care of the rest. Our platform integrates with Amazon so your orders are automatically synced. This seamless integration with Amazon’s platform allows sellers to manage their business efficiently without the hassle of dealing with fulfillment logistics.

Take the next step

Ready to transform your Amazon selling experience with better margins and personalized service? Contact Borderworx today to schedule a consultation or demo of our platform. Our fulfillment experts are here to discuss your specific needs and goals, helping you find the perfect fulfillment solution for your business.