Freight Services

Freight Audit

Borderworx Logistics provides trade compliance & consulting. Trust our compliancy expertise to get your goods over the border. Consult with us today
  • Comprehensive review of current processes, carriers and schedules
  • In-depth analysis of any proposed charges to reduce cost or increase profits
  • Rate proposal and complete transition plan for any proposed changes

Management Services

  • Integrated reports and online services across all modes and all carriers
  • Summary invoicing complete with individual shipment detail and costing
  • Virtual inventory control and systems integration for 360 degree visibility

3rd & 4th
 Party Logistics

  • On-site personnel available
  • Strategic partnerships for all modes and all services
  • Scalable resources for changing business demands
  • Consulting services for supply chain planning

At Borderworx our trade compliance and consulting team is dedicated to assisting you in putting together a complete compliance program identifying gaps, and assisting you in closing it.



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