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Started in 2003, Borderworx was founded in Ontario, Canada by Dean Wood. From his extensive industry experience working with Canada’s largest transportation and customs corporations, Mr. Wood established a number of solutions for the logistics industry that have helped many companies grow their market share. To date, Borderworx has managed more than $3 Billion in goods across the border and more than 100,000 customs clearances.

At the encouragement of his client base, when transitioning from a freight forwarder, Mr. Wood embarked on a business plan and called it Borderworx Logistics. The name reflects the business philosophy that went into the company design. The “X” at the end of the name represents “crossing the border”. Often times, this part of a shipment’s journey can be the most challenging. It is also the part that Borderworx has been able to master. The rest of the name says it all; we make crossing the border work.

Borderworx’ approach to business develop is uniquely different in the marketplace. Instead of presenting a series of options and services to a client and finding a fit; Borderworx studies the client and builds a solution that fits the client first. With this approach, the client drives the solutions that are used to ensure their business can reach their market with less barriers and more competitiveness.

Borderworx has offices throughout Canada and the United States, with a keen focus on the northern border. Headquartered in Georgetown, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York, Borderworx is able to service both the Canadian and US markets, knowing how to best serve the respective interests.

Setting up and managing our own warehousing and trucking with highly trained, professional staff have placed Borderworx in the low risk status with Canada and US customs. Unique to Borderworx are our embedded staff that work directly on site at client locations, Borderworx has found that our on-site staffing become an integral part of our client’s success. They measure the pulse of business activity on a real time basis and can react to the ever changing business demands in stride with our client’s management team.

As one of Canada’s fastest growing logistics companies, Borderworx is embarking on new ways to enhance our client’s competitiveness and our partnership with them. From a new, state-of-the-art distribution center on 31 acres in New York, to our strategic Europe and Asian partnerships in providing seamless transportation solutions, Borderworx is committed to being what our client’s need us to be.

Importantly, Borderworx has been successful by attracting the very best people from the transportation industry. Although our services may be similar to other providers, the people that deliver those solutions from Borderworx are not. They are passionate about what they do and they have a “never give up” attitude. Best of all they thrive on success and truly enjoy the challenges that face us every day. Every person is ready and willing to do their part and help others in order to make every customer experience, a positive one.

In closing, in every organization there is a culture that is felt and experienced by those they come in contact with. There are different ways to express that culture, however, we express it in our faith the Word of God. By living and applying the principles of God’s Word doesn’t make us immune to mistakes, but it allows us to have the faith to be better every day and value each person we meet as a special gift.